SQL Server Troubleshooting


TSYPR (formarly Earththink) entrusted their sql server troubleshooting project to our team.  We have made the agreement through Upwork. Then we have started working on the issue. Our experts identified an issue with high cpu usage. Due to very high usage of system resources there were frequent database connection problems. In summary, hackers from China were executing a malicious code. This code was configured to run as a system service. A system service that runs with high priority. As a backup measure hackers also configured self cloning process. This process works when automatic blocking systems by Internet Security applications take an action.

Our experts identified that this system process was using server CPU to mine Monero (a crypto-currency which is similar to Bitcoin). Finally, we were able to stop it from running and self cloning. We also took necessary actions to make sure this issue does not repeat itself. Our client was happy with our solution for this project.

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